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10 Bios for 10 Articles in 10 Days

I have been invited by Dale Obrochta of MBD2.com to write brief Bios of 10 entertainers, artists, and image & internet marketing consultants who in turn will each be writing 10 Articles in 10 Days for a total of 1oo articles!

The Bios will begin running one per day beginning October 1; the articles will begin appearing on October 10 (ah-ha! that’s 10/10, I’m just getting it now. Sometimes I’m so slow.)

The announcement of the project is here at https://www.mbd2.com/forum/articles
Articles can be found here: https://www.mbd2.com/forum/balloon_animal_blog/index.php

I’m having lots of fun interviewing the folks (Read their bios!) and know they will be exciting to read about (Read their bios!) even if you’re not in the same biz (Read their bios!Read their bios!) as they are. I’m also sure their articles will be fascinating, as well!

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