Stretch! said the Balloon Lady

2020: Wrapping Up

From my (gingerbread!) house to yours, wishing you the most heartfelt joys this holiday season.

I’ve often counted my blessings and know how truly fortunate I am to have in my life people I love (and love me back!), to be making a living doing that which fills my heart, and so much more.

I am thankful to all of you that have continued to think about me this past year. I have greatly missed seeing all my regular clients as well as the families that would visit me at the restaurants. And, tho this year has been more quiet on my ballooney entertainment front, I have been very busy creating custom programming for seniors, and continuing balloon decor & deliveries. (Many of you know the multifacted nature of my business…)

I realize this year has brought many of us great hardship and sadness, and it is especially with that in mind that I’m hoping we may all know kindness and take delight in simple pleasures.

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