Stretch! said the Balloon Lady

Another New Year!

Grainy selfie taken when I began my day at 3:30am

Beginning fresh and bare faced.

I’ve been through many new years and many resolutions. Oh, if I had a nickle for the goals and projects that were started with a bang and then slowly went out with barely a fizzle.

Which is why this year is different.

I resolve to not overwhelm myself with any more new goals and projects, but rather to go deeper with the ones I already have.

Let’s face it. We create goals and begin projects throughout the year. I know this because I took my informal and unofficial poll of friends and family and they all concur.

It’s time to take that one goal or one project that’s been simmering or percolating or plateauing and focus on bringing it to the… (over-used phrase alert!) …Next Level.

Which is what I’ll be doing. And this blog is one of my projects that has now been moved to the front burner.

Buckle up!




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