Artist in Residence

Holly Nagel creating the balloon dress

Holly Nagel creating the balloon dress

Balloon dress by Holly Nagel

Balloon dress by Holly Nagel

Watch excitement develop!

Set Holly up in a common area as she creates large balloon art, like a wearable Balloon Dress, and observe a crowd slowly gather.

She can create or customize just about anything you can imagine…dinosaur, cars, dragons, surfer dudes…

While working, she can discuss your company’s latest news or special promotions. She will also have sketches of the design-in-progress available and discuss how she takes a sculpture from idea to finished product.

She will also share how she turned a hobby into a full-time career, designing a life to fit all of her passions while earning a living, too!

And, yes, if it’s a dress, it will be customized to fit!  Perhaps for a staff member? …or lucky guest?



balloon dress sketch Holly Nagel

Holly Nagel's balloon dress almost complete!

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