“Balloon Artist’s Guide™”

Simple Lessons for Rising Through Life


Balloon Artist’s Guide: Simple Lessons for Rising Through Life is a fun program where Holly shares creative problem solving tips that can be applied to our personal and professional lives. She learned creative living as a result of embracing change in the midst of chaos. She learned creative problem solving as a successful business woman in a unique industry.

Sometimes we have to pop our perceptions and simply realize leaks happen. And at other times it doesn’t matter how we much we twist or tie a knot, just letting go is the best solution.

With Balloon Artist’s Guide: Simple Lessons for Rising Through Life, audiences will be able to strrrretch their minds and immediately apply some of Holly’s tips to their daily practices for life improving results.

Topics:  Creative problem solving, nonverbal communication, team building, overcoming adversity, trusting our hearts and intuition, using humor, inspiration & motivation.

Contact Holly for an Overview & Customization.  

This program can be presented in short 15 minute huddles or up to the longer 60 minute program. Balloons are used because they are vibrant, fun and a perfect metaphor and can be used a little or a lot based on client’s needs and preferences.

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