Stretch! said the Balloon Lady

Can I be a…

kind bitch? Is that an oxymoron like jumbo shrimp?

The kind part we all pretty much know what that is, sort of like nice. But the bitch part is where I’m uncertain being rather confused as to what it means.

Is it when a gal yells in your face and shouts mean things – purposefully hurting you in word or deed? Or perhaps when a gal speaks her mind, her opinion? Or when a gal questions the rules, the teacher, the powers that be? Or when a gal is not being agreeable? Or when a gal just says no? Maybe when she is unpleasant or difficult?

I’ve been all those things for sure. I like to think I’m no longer (as?) purposefully hurtful in word. (My husband, sisters, son and friends know for sure!) Hopefully never in deed! But over the course of my life and due to many influences I’ve certainly learned to voice my opinion, question the rules, and say no. None of it popular or well-received.

Perhaps I have to answer this one myself. If being a bitch is all the above (well, apart from the being purposefully mean part), then sign me up. It sounds awful to say, but I’ve worked too hard to not be a bitch.

And if that is the definition, then I’m really disappointed our culture would still define a woman as a bitch, a derogatory term unless used to mean a female dog, if she is one who asserts her opinions, asks questions and may be disagreeable. Or says No.

Seems we still have work to do, ladies.


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