Stretch! said the Balloon Lady

and rise to Life! I’m just an unconventional 50+ gal who insists on living a life I love. Pick a lane? No way!

TBT – Leprechaun Deliveries

(Throwback Thursday – to a few 2018 St. Pat’s deliveries)

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What’s black & white and…

What’s black & white & black & white & black & white? A penguin rolling down a hill!

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Selfish Sky

“Okay, where is it?” the mighty Earth asked, “Others will talk and you had it last. Replace it by nightfall or you will pay!” So, the blushing Sky yawned at the end of the day. All the world rumbled. He burped with a boom to swallow the Sun and cough up the Moon.

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Me? A Grown Up?

I realized I was a grown up when I knew I could make balloon animals for a living.

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When Chuck Norris…

…twists balloons they don’t squeak, they scream and beg for mercy.

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Success Tip Nobody Ever Told Me: Extra Deodorant

Stash your deodorant everywhere. Everywhere. There are lovely travel sizes these days. Buy a dozen. Trust me on this. Throw one in your glove compartment. Toss one in your purse. Keep one in your office, at your besties’ homes, by the front door. You’ll be glad you did.

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Warm Fuzzies: Love Your…

Colin, 4yo, “Balloon Lady, I love you! I love your balloons, and I love your blower, and I love your scissors, and I love your markers, and I love whatever that thing is. And I just love all of it!”

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Another Quote

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Warm Fuzzies: Twisting at the Restaurant

Jeffery, 6yo: “We couldn’t make it to church today, but we sure could make it to see you!”

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Warm Fuzzies: The Wallet

Mother telling me about her  5yo son: “He’s had a new wallet for months, but he won’t put anything in it except one thing – Your business card.”

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