WAM! Women Around Me!

Women have long been creative problem solvers especially when it comes to how they live their lives. Here are some fabulous women I know that are doing some interesting things. Some you may know, and some you will meet here for the first time. Prepare to be inspired and to learn something new from these amazing Women Around Me!

Robin Bengtson: A Human and Her Dogs

WAM Robin Bengston

“Dogs aren’t my whole life… but they make my life whole.” Robin is a business owner that specializes and works with dogs. If you’re going to add a member (two-legged or four!) to your family, she can assist you with a smooth adjustment and transition. If your dog needs customized training for a particular issue, […]

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Faith Curtis: Coaching & Inspiring Others

WAM Faith Curtis

*Editor’s Note, 01-13-14: Faith no longer lives in Illinois. I’ve known Faith for a number of years now and in multiple capacities. I’ve attended large-scale conference events she has produced; she has facilitated circle groups I’ve been involved with; she’s been my Coach; and we’ve seen each other socially. Not only is she a working […]

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Katarzyna “Katie” Biedrzycka: Creating exclusive jewelry as distinctive as you are!

WAM Katarzyna Biedrzycka

I encountered Katie and her jewelry at an artisan’s fair a couple years ago and what treasures I discovered! From petit, pearly and dainty to grande, colorful and bold. Her designs are definitely distinctive and absolutely wonderful. You will not find others wearing the same thing, because nobody else creates like she does. Something for […]

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Susie Kooyenga: Having her cake and eating it, too!

WAM Susie Kooyenga

When I met Susie for the first time I was struck by several characteristics at once: her fair porcelain complexion, her down-to-Earth centeredness combined with silly fun, and her easy smile. She shares a gap-toothed smile with other famous beauties of our age, most notably Lauren Hutton, Anna Paquin and Elizabeth Moss. And she smiles […]

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Barbara Kincaid: Connector & Author

WAM Barbara Kincaid

Barbara Kincaid is a real-life connector. Many make the claim, but she truly lives up to it as the organizer and facilitator of three large monthly business-to-business (B2B)meeting events at different northern Illinois locations. In fact, her meetings consistently attract so many attendees that she has been asked to start up similar B2B meeting events […]

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