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Deception and Magician Marco Tempest

You do it.
I do it.
We all do it.
We deceive ourselves and others.

Sometimes on purpose.

Perhaps we’ll save someone’s feelings from being hurt.
Perhaps we were neglectful and makeup an excuse for running late.
Perhaps we’re just not ready to handle the truth or bad experience, so we deceive ourselves to take the edge off.

Sometimes we really don’t realize we’re doing it. Really.

We deceive/are deceived/allow ourselves to be deceived
for romance. for money. for art.
Good. Bad. Black. White.
Neither nor. Gray.
Life is complicated.

Is magic truly the only honest profession?

Let’s suspend our disbelief a little longer.

Marco Tempest: The magic of truth and lies (and iPods) | Video on TED.com

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