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Fun at the D30 Toastmasters International Spring Conference!

Fun at the D30 Toastmasters International Spring 2013 Conference with fellow Crystal Clear Toastmasters Sue Schuerr, Dorothy Robin and Holly Nagel!

Had a great time at the D30 Toastmasters International Spring Conference in Skokie yesterday! Enjoyed keynoter Patricia Fripp who said (regarding speaking), “It’s better to be consistently good, than occasionally great.”

I attended a couple sessions that gave me a chance to experience other speakers, too!

Fellow NSA member and Toastmaster, Sima Dahl, president of Parlay Communications, gave a high energy presentation on “Savvy Social Networking”. She shared many components of social media in a very comprehensible way. For example, in order to more easily differentiate the social networking landscape, she said Facebook is like a backyard BBQ, LinkedIn is like a professional networking event and Twitter is like a cocktail party, but “Don’t drink and tweet!”.

Fellow Toastmaster Teddy Rodriguez was very vibrant and fun during his session, “Spice Up Your Presentation Skills.” Just when you thought you heard it all, someone comes along and presents a familiar topic in a fresh way. It will be interesting to follow Teddy’s speaking path!

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