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Visual Aids and Guy Kawasaki’s 10-20-30 Rule

You’d think using visual aids in a presentation would be fairly easy to do.

It is if you’re doing the old fashioned show & tell! which I do happen to adore, btw!


Often we’re called upon to present in a more modern technological kind of a way. Y’know using devices or equipment that can zip all sorts of data in front of an audience. Data that now not only includes text, but photos, videos, sound, animation, graphics…to name a few.

I was able to see Guy Kawasaki speak. (He was former chief evangelist at Apple, is a venture capitalist, author and other fascinating things. Read more at his site.) He listens to lots of entrepreneurs that hope he will invest in their companies. He sees lots of presentations. He said some days he’s seen 60 or more of them.

Guy has a few tips on visual aid use.

Use 10 slides per 20 minutes of presentation with a 30 point font. (He laughed and said he does have an algorithm for the font size. He takes the average age of his audience and divides by two. The size make it easier to view and forces brevity.

Try it. I did. It made a difference.

Let me know your thoughts and how it works for you!

Guy is known as a marketing influencer and often freely shares his wisdom. Interested in building your followers to the millions? On Feb 19 Hubspot will be featuring Guy Kawasaki and social media architect Peg Fitzpatrick in a free hour long webinar, How Guy Kawasaki Got 10 Million Followers. Here’s a link for more info and to register








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