“Aloha to You!” Hawaiian hula dancing


“Aloha to You!”

for Youth

ISBE TOPICS: Social Science (culture, geography); Fine Arts (dance, music)

Do kids like stories? Do they like to sing & dance? Do they like to get their hands on things? Yes, yes, and yes!

Holly’s 45-minute children & family show immerses audiences into the most popular of Polynesian cultures through her sharing of a folk story, hands-on playing with rhythm instruments, learning Hawaiian words and hula hand gestures, and, of course, dancing, dancing, dancing!

Colorful volunteers in exotic costuming in Holly Nagel's Aloha to You Hawaiian hula dancing show.

Colorful volunteers in exotic costuming in Holly Nagel’s Aloha to You Hawaiian hula dancing show.

Volunteer Dress-up & Dancers!

In addition, an audience-participation segment will highlight volunteers in colorful costuming with exotic feather headdresses and accessories. 30-minute program is available and includes all of the above except the ‘dress-up volunteers’ segment.

Aloha at the Library


Here’s a fun article on a performance at the Gurnee Library some time ago from the Chicago Trib.


Okay! Let’s do a SEATED HULA right now! play the vid.

This is called “Hawaiian Rainbows”, a traditional Hawaiian song. 

APPLAUSE! We were thrilled to have Holly Nagel present her  “ Aloha to You” program for over 75 children and their parents.  Holly kept the attention of the audience with her animated stories, songs and dancing.  Several of the children said the highlight of the program was getting to play a song with bamboo sticks called “pu’ili”.  Holly brought enough for everyone  to have two sticks.  The kids were enthralled and concentrated on getting the right rhythm as Holly led them in a song.  And their parents were busy taking pictures!  The “Aloha to You” program was a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon at the library.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  I would highly recommended Holly Nagel’s program to other libraries.” ~~~ Patty Sawin, Warren-Newport Public Library, Gurnee, IL.
APPLAUSE! “Holly Nagel presented a wonderful interactive program at Palatine Public Library. Both our audience and staff had a very positive reaction to Holly’s show. She had the audience dancing and singing and everyone was fully engaged. Her exuberant personality came through in her presentation and made this a show that was great for all ages.” ~~~Gayla Swansen, Palatine Public Library

APPLAUSE!   Holly Nagel was the perfect presenter—extremely organized, punctual, easy to work with, and friendly. We brought her Aloha to You program to our community, and our patrons just loved it.  You could tell she really is a seasoned professional.  She’s knows exactly how to keep an audience of children of all ages and their parents engaged.  The program was the perfect combination of music, movement, fun, and facts.  A great time for the whole family!~~~Renee Grassi, Head of Children’s Services, Glencoe Public Library

National Geographic even created a mini-video on the hula. Other dancers may recognize and briefly glimpse Kumus (teachers) Mapuana de Silva, Darrel Lupenui and Kumano Palani Kuala in this mini-doc!





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