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Luke Kareklas: Motivation Through Movement

Originally posted 05-10-06 in MBD2

Luke Kareklas, aka Luke the Juggler, combines several skills not only to entertain but to get others moving and motivated. Based in Columbus Ohio, he juggles, performs magic, sculpts balloons and offers a complete Motivation Through Movement  program as an inspirational speaker.
By combining advanced juggling skills, insight, upbeat music, an off-beat sense of humor and audience participation, Luke is able to instill teambuilding concepts and unity with all program participants. He said, “The program is successful because juggling ties together the right/creative and left/analytical sides of the brain, effectively waking up the participants. Their energy levels rise, as does the ability to focus on the task at hand.” Ideally suited for corporations, Luke said the program “is an uplifting break from the pressures and goals of a planned conference or meeting schedule.”
Luke has been performing for over 30 years. He began performing in college and continued over the years. “I was in the computer industry and got caught up in the wave of computer lay-offs at the time and found myself unemployed at 43 years old, with a three year old son and a wife counting on my income,” he said. “I decided to begin entertaining again as I looked for another j-o-b and the entertaining took off.” He entertains weekly at three restaurants, as well as performing the gamut of private, corporate and charitable events. He also offers a DVD, “Luke the Juggler Teaches You to Juggle.”  Visit his website at or visit the store to purchase the DVD.
Now, in addition to his Motivation Through Movement program, he offers a one-hour comedy-magic-juggling show. “I hope nobody freaks out about this,” he said, “but I now offer premade balloon sculptures for my shows. That means that before my shows, I make up to 15 sculptures and when I’m finished with my show I start pulling out the figures…It’s much less stressful for me.”
There are a couple entertainers that have inspired Luke. “Matt the Balloon Guy and Dizzy Doc, both here in Columbus, are the best twisters in the world. They constantly come up with creations and ideas that challenge me to expand my own way of thinking and creating sculptures,” he said.
So how does a motivational speaker keep motivated? In addition to surfing entertainer websites Luke said, “I try to better myself…I try to work hard, stay organized and keep plugging and all will be well.” Any tips for newbies? “Go for it. Practice. Challenge yourself to get gigs. ..and learn as much as you can.”
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