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Smash the Time Wasters

Here’s a Throwback Thursday – SMASHING all the stuff that no longer serves me.

Here are a few of my mindless time wasters that gotta be smashed!

Scrolling: this is a biggie. I find myself absent mindedly scrolling through IG or FB feeds and by the time I come up for air a half hour or more has gone by.

My solution: become cognizant of those weak times like right before bed I’ll pick up the phone to check for any last minute texts from family or close friends, then it’s in the charger. No scrolling!

Channel Surfing:  this is another biggie. Oh the times my husband has come into the room as I settle into watching a movie.

Him: “What’re you gonna watch?”

Me: “Oh, I’m not sure. Something good!”

45 minutes later he comes back into the room.

Him: “Tell me you’re not still surfing!”

Me: “I can’t help it. I like reading all the plot summaries.”

My solution: Pre-plan what I’m going to watch by having it in the queue, or allotting myself a time limit. Or enjoy sitting down to read a bunch of summaries. (Own it, Holly!)

Subscriptions: They clog my email in box. I would feel compelled to save them and read them later ‘til I realized if I haven’t actually ever opened them to read, get rid of it.

My solution: Unsubscribe. Unfollow.  


What are your time wasters?

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