“Stretch: A Balloon Artist’s Guide to Living™”

Many of the most profound lessons Holly has learned have come from being a successful entrepreneur in a non-traditional industry.

She had to flex, stretch and take chances she never anticipated.

Join her as she shares creative problem solving and non-verbal communication tips that can be applied to our personal and professional lives right now!

They are effective, useful and practical. And balloons are used because they are vibrant and a perfect metaphor!

TOPICS: creative problem solving, team building, overcoming adversity

In addition, programs are customized to meet your specific communication goals and can address the particular issues you and your staff are facing.

Teambuilding exercises with informative debriefs and a Q&A are included in the 60-min program -Discounts given to non-profits -Shorter & longer programs are available -Handouts and evaluations can be given to attendees.

Objectives include: Vision – Seeing things in new ways; Dexterity – Trying something new leads to flexibility…not just in our fingers, but in our brains; Delight – Tapping into our joy


Contact Holly for an Overview & Customization.  (Click “Clients” above to see more testimonials)

This program can be presented in short 15 minute huddles or up to the longer 60 minute program.





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