“Stretch: A Balloon Artist’s Guide™”

Many of the most profound lessons Holly has learned have come from being a successful entrepreneur in a non-traditional industry.

She had to flex, stretch and take chances she never anticipated.

Join her as she shares creative problem solving and non-verbal communication tips that can be applied to our personal and professional lives right now!

They are effective, useful and practical. And balloons are used because they are vibrant and a perfect metaphor!

TOPICS: creative problem solving, team building, overcoming adversity

Objectives include: Vision – Seeing things in new ways; Dexterity – Trying something new leads to flexibility…not just in our fingers, but in our brains; Delight – Tapping into our joy

Contact Holly for an Overview & Customization.  

This program can be presented in short 15 minute huddles or up to the longer 60 minute program. 

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