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Weakness or Strength

Do you know your weaknesses? Comedian Ellen DeGeneres often talks about her weaknesses—procrastination is a biggie, putting things off like exercise; or eating too much… She once said, “Buns of steel? I’d be happy with buns of cinnamon.” Weaknesses. As a youngster, I didn’t even know the word. That is to say, I wasn’t aware […]

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Buying Theatre Tickets

Do it! For yourself! I now believe this act is an investment in my sanity and my personal development.   Once purchased I am no longer just thinking about it. I can stop checking and re-checking everything…the performer’s virtual CV, venue seating charts, the route there (plus parking!). Naturally, tickets range in price, and nowadays they […]

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Write a Note

Nothing says “I’m thinking of you” more than a hand written note. Simply put, the entire act is filled with the thoughts of someone else, from the selection of your note paper or card, to the writing instrument, to the act itself, to addressing the envelope and mailing it off. Being raised by a grandmother […]

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Jokes on me: Shells

One of the things I love most is to walk along a shore. As I approach the beach my thoughts race around. After having strolled for some time, my thoughts have slowed down to match the wind, match the waves, match my pace. Sometimes I look for shells. On this particular morning as I was […]

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The Universe and God tells me things. We all name these things differently. Intuition, whispers. My husband says it’s just coincidence. Anyway, this was one of those bright moments where I was caught off guard and had to pause. I was merging onto the expressway, trying to get up to 65mph so a smooth transition […]

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How’s Your Coffee?

What’s a gal gotta do to get a decent cup of coffee anymore? What I really mean is: How does a gal make a decent cup of coffee? Recently I got rid of two stainless steel travel cups because the coffee would taste bad in them. I figured it was the cup gone sour, or […]

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Do You Have a Shark Story?

I have always loved stories and speaking with so many people in the course of even a week has me hearing stories from people of all ages. As a speaker, I was trained (way back when) to always have a speech or anecdote within easy reach, in my pocket. This one fits perfectly. And when I had […]

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Cards Against Humanity

What’s the word that means funny and horrible at the same time? I’m convinced that experienced CAH players invite newbies for the sole reason of watching facial expressions and hearing those you never thought could utter such phrases, utter them. Over the holidays I had the opportunity to play the card game with family and […]

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14 Things My Friends Better Tell Me

1–Shirt is tucked inside underpants and underpants can be seen above pants-pants. 2–I stink or smell iffy. 3–Flakes on my shoulders, or in my hair, from dandruff or a dry scalp. 4–Food on my face or in my hair or on my person. 5–Spinach or anything foreign in my teeth, nose or eyes. 6–Toilet paper […]

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Mrs. Roper?!

Show of hands: Who here remembers a Mrs. Roper character from a sitcom way back in the late 70’s? Recently I ran out of the house in a flurry. Got to my destination and realized I was wearing a caftan, a head scarf, big earrings – I had channeled Mrs. Roper! (and I liked it)

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