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Another Quote

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Warm Fuzzies: Twisting at the Restaurant

Jeffery, 6yo: “We couldn’t make it to church today, but we sure could make it to see you!”

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Warm Fuzzies: The Wallet

Mother telling me about her  5yo son: “He’s had a new wallet for months, but he won’t put anything in it except one thing – Your business card.”

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I’m late

Driving to a gig, thinking we were running late. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones 🙂

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Fur Babies

These two. Once I never would’ve believed I’d be a dog person, but I am. I talk to them. Sometimes I wonder if I’d simply talk to myself if they weren’t in the room. Most certainly. But I think they like my stories. And we definitely are morning people. The sure make my life better.

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A Friend

A friend who holds your hand and says the wrong thing is made of dearer stuff than the one who stays away. Barbara Kingsolver

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Laughing Rice Guys

This always makes me smile. Not my pic. I’d found this years ago and filed it in my Fun Folder. I recently came across it and quite simply had to share again 🙂

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Her face was full of freckles, not a spot was bare, on her nose, chin and cheeks, speckles everywhere. Sprinkled on her eyelids, tossed across her brow, even dancing down her neck — Is she all covered now? Dots ran from her shoulders, and stopped on every toe, they perched upon her kneecaps — Where […]

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Another haiku

Author’s agony. Words tumble, ideas burst. Pen is poised, yet still.

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Sometimes I need crazy cute.

Every so often I need to etch-a-sketch or wash away the crud of daily living from my mind’s eye with something uplifting. So I have a file of stuff I refer to every so often, stuff like photos, quotes, and videos. This is a hamster wrapped in a blanket munching on a carrot. I think […]

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