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Dumb mistakes


I’ve made dumb mistakes. Like the time I accidentally brushed my teeth with sunscreen. Or the time I squirted the eye drops in my nose, rather than the saline nasal spray. What dumb things have you done?

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No to Packets

While emptying out old stuff from the fridge I came across a take-out food bag. Opening it I see there’s no food left, but the plastic cutlery and packets. Lots of packets. Ketchup. Mustard. Salt. Pepper. Should I save them? My mother does this. She lives alone and saves things. Like packets. Jelly. Sugar. Honey. […]

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Cards Against Humanity

What’s the word that means funny and horrible at the same time? I’m convinced that experienced CAH players invite newbies for the sole reason of watching facial expressions and hearing those you never thought could utter such phrases, utter them. Over the holidays I had the opportunity to play the card game with family and […]

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14 Things My Friends Better Tell Me

1–Shirt is tucked inside underpants and underpants can be seen above pants-pants. 2–I stink or smell iffy. 3–Flakes on my shoulders, or in my hair, from dandruff or a dry scalp. 4–Food on my face or in my hair or on my person. 5–Spinach or anything foreign in my teeth, nose or eyes. 6–Toilet paper […]

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Mrs. Roper?!

Show of hands: Who here remembers a Mrs. Roper character from a sitcom way back in the late 70’s? Recently I ran out of the house in a flurry. Got to my destination and realized I was wearing a caftan, a head scarf, big earrings – I had channeled Mrs. Roper! (and I liked it)

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Leave the Sticker On

Don't touch my sticker!

Out for drinks with a girlfriend she reaches towards me, asking “What is this?” She begins scraping at my reading glasses. “Hey what’s the big idea?!” I askclaim (that’s when I exclaim and ask at the same time). I take them off. She says, “You left the sticker on. Y’know the magnifying number.” “I know […]

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Another New Year!

Beginning fresh and bare faced. I’ve been through many new years and many resolutions. Oh, if I had a nickle for the goals and projects that were started with a bang and then slowly went out with barely a fizzle. Which is why this year is different. I resolve to not overwhelm myself with any […]

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