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Things That Really Irritate Me

Some things really, really get under my skin. Or irritate the heck out of it. These are my top five majorly annoying irritants:

Sock falling down into shoe

   My solution: keep yanking sock up OR take sock off

Scratchy tag in shirt

   My solution: Cut tag out, often taking surrounding material with it OR turn shirt inside out (ok if it’s pj’s, not so ok if I’m out in public)

Singular piece of fuzz stuck in eyelash

   My solution: Stop everything, find a mirror and get it out OR let eye water profusely, smudging mascara so now makeup AND fuzz irritate me.

Chapped lips

   My solution: Slather on lipgloss OR chapstick (leaving either a greasy or waxy buildup which eventually has to be scraped off)   

Paper cuts

   My solution: Try to keep clean, leave it alone OR whine to anyone that listens about how something so small can hurt so much

What irritates you?


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