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Visual Aids: NAILS, I = Impact

In today’s Minutes to Remarkable™ I discuss the importance of visual aids having real Impact. Make sure they pack a punch!

Photos: Photos and images always speak louder than words, so if you have a powerful one, use it.

Videos: If you use videos, keep in mind, from my experience attention spans are 20-30 seconds. Then I notice folks start wandering off.

Text: Limit to three bullet points per slide and about three words per bullet. Yes, these parameters change with the times. I remember a couple years ago slides typically contained dozens of words. PLEASEpleaseplease don’t reveal all your bullet points at once since people will read it all right away then wander off. Also don’t read the text verbatim to your audience. Chance are they can read and have read it long before you finish.

Unusual: Using aids that are outside the scope of the average and the everyday are more than welcome. Plus, they will be more memorable. Furthermore, anytime the senses are used, the aid will be more memorable. However, don’t throw in the crayons and candy unless you are truly making a point, otherwise it’s a distraction. Fun, but distracting nonetheless.

Stay tuned for Monday’s Minutes as I blast useful news, tips & interviews on, well…Mondays, strait from my YouTube channel Minutes to Remarkable™!

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