Stretch! said the Balloon Lady

Weakness or Strength

Do you know your weaknesses?

Comedian Ellen DeGeneres often talks about her weaknesses—procrastination is a biggie, putting things off like exercise; or eating too much…

She once said, “Buns of steel? I’d be happy with buns of cinnamon.”


As a youngster, I didn’t even know the word. That is to say, I wasn’t aware of my weaknesses, but I did think something was wrong with me because I was chatty. I was the kind of kid that would get in trouble for always talking too much in class.

I couldn’t help myself. I really tried. I’d bite my tongue. Bite my lip. Make tight fists. Clench my teeth.

Inevitably I’d see something or someone, have a thought, and all of a sudden I’m jabbering.

“Holly, go to the back of the room,” teacher would say. But I would make new friends back there, too, and chat away. Year after year. My report cards had comments like Holly is an excellent student, but she is too social…talks too much…

Fast forward to the present where I’ve owned my small business for many years. A business that has me talking ALL DAY LONG.

Balloon Lady Lesson:

Never underestimate the supposed weaknesses of youth. Sometimes they become our greatest strengths and attributes late in life!

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