Stretch! said the Balloon Lady

Whaddaya do?

…so, this morning I go out to my vehicle to load up with a big delivery and installation to get to. I notice my driver’s side window is down with just a triangle of window exposed. Something is wrong.

I recall a couple days ago with our sub-zero temps, my window got stuck. Now, this morning, the glass has fallen down into the door. It’s broke. I must’ve stripped the gear or something.

But it’s winter and cold. And I have a bunch of balloons and materials to deliver within hours.

The mechanic was unable to take my vehicle right at that moment.

Fortunately, handy Husband was able to neatly duct tape and shim it into the up and closed position. And I arrived at the gigs and all went well.

It does make going through the drive-thru’s for food or coffee difficult, tho.


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