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“Let’s Get Silly!”

An interactive storytelling & songs program

Stories are one of the most important ways we connect and communicate with each other. Stories are one of the most powerful springboards into imagination and into another’s experiences. Through story we change. We change our ideas, our minds, our cultures, our worlds.  Holly     

Children laugh as Holly Nagel shares something silly!

Children laugh as Holly Nagel shares something silly!

This program has Holly sharing different silly stories, including folk-fractured-and-fairy tales, meeting different silly storybook characters, and singing silly songs.

By combining various tales with interactive songs and balloon props, Holly engages children and adults alike. She will also have volunteers join her for various story segments and will dress up a volunteer in a super silly balloon costume.

Being Unpoppable, Tip #5 Get Silly Daily!

Reading opens up whole new worlds – even silly ones!

Holly Nagel’s programs and balloon sculptures are absolutely amazing! She also does wonderfully creative storytelling programs using balloons that all the kids love. I can wholeheartedly recommend her and always look forward to her next visit to our library. – Maria Zawacki, Library Director, Johnsburg Public Library

Park districts, libraries & schools are a perfect fit for Holly’s programs.

Holly did a great job entertaining all of our 250 summer campers, at Libertyville Adler Day Camp. She kept them engaged and incorporated campers into her show, which they loved. She taught the older age groups how to make balloon animals and always have a smile on her face. We would welcome her back anytime as she is professional, kind, and the kids loved the show. ADC thanks you! – Julie Ludwig, Rec Mngr; Jennifer Gibori, Dir of Programs; and Mark Stave, Libertyville Rec & Sports, Adler Day Camp

ISBE Standards Language Arts; Social Emotional (SEL) Devt; Fine Arts; Physical Dev’t & Health; Character Virtues Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Kindness, Perseverance


Contact Holly for Booking Schedule, Fees and Activity Ideas to match the program.

Upon request, she will also customize to other themes sharing stories that are diverse, empowering and heartfelt.





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