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Wrapping up another year…

…and may we meet all our challenges with ease. … sometimes a job presents itself that is more challenging than others. Here, creating the look of presents using the non-traditional, light colors and a monochromatic palette (Greens: sea foam, mint, Spring and forest) wasn’t the easiest for me, but I found red ribbon & bows […]

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Learning new things

Had a client meeting this morning – a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new playground… …and decided to learn this selfie thing with my new phone. ..Ugh! Ta-Dah! And I even managed to get my color swatches together. An ole dog can learn new tricks!

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The Right Shoes

My Dream…having good knees enough to wear stilettos… …My Reality…these sturdy clogs make my knees, and thusly me, feel like a million bucks! Ain’t no staircase high enough!

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Kids Say the Darndest Things

Me to Little Sister noticing she has an accent, ‘So where are you from?’ Little Sister: ‘We’re from Georgia.’ Little Sister laughing because my wearable electric pump sounds funny. Big Sister: ‘Why are you laughing?’ Little Sister: ‘Because her machine made a farting sound.’ Big Sister: ‘Don’t say fart, say pass gas. It’s nicer. Everyone […]

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Me Tired?

I was ready for a nap when I got out of the shower this morning.

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Tutu for Princess Bear

For a very loved Princess Bear that now truly does have everything!

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TBT – Leprechaun Deliveries

(Throwback Thursday – to a few 2018 St. Pat’s deliveries)

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Selfish Sky

“Okay, where is it?” the mighty Earth asked, “Others will talk and you had it last. Replace it by nightfall or you will pay!” So, the blushing Sky yawned at the end of the day. All the world rumbled. He burped with a boom to swallow the Sun and cough up the Moon.

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Me? A Grown Up?

I realized I was a grown up when I knew I could make balloon animals for a living.

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When Chuck Norris…

…twists balloons they don’t squeak, they scream and beg for mercy.

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