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Travel Tips – Get Packing! pt 2 of 3

Travel Get Packing 1 cropIDs

Seconds to Sanity series By Holly Nagel Travel Tips: Get Packing  Woo hoo! A trip! Cram it into the carryon. That’s my motto.  You’ll be glad you did. I’ll show you how! I’ve gotten fairly good at it and love not having to wait at the baggage carousel! I have no extra fees and no chance […]

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Travel Tips – Know Your Bags, pt 1 of 3

Bag with correct 3-letter routing tag and ez id pompon WEB

By Holly Nagel Travel Tips: Know your Bags Now boarding! I’ve flown over 1,000 times. In another life I was once a flight attendant. I also love to travel and I’ve collected a few tips for the newbie air traveler and may even offer something useful for the seasoned traveler in the hopes of saving you […]

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