In the Spotlight

As a Chicago area balloon artist, entertainer and speaker, I’ve met and continue to meet fascinating people. Here I will be sharing my interviews with them. There are many fun past interviews with balloon and entertainment industry folks and there will be updates and new ones, as well as interviews from other industries.

Charles Dolbel, New Zealand Circus Arts Entertainer

                                      Originally posted Apr 18, 2007 in MBD2   New Zealander Charles Dolbel, corporate entertainer, keeps many plates spinning, so to speak, between personal and professional involvements. “My gorgeous wife and my 3.5 year old and 4 month […]

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Bonnie Davis: From Teacher to Twister

Originally posted 02-20-07 in MBD2 Little does Bonnie Davis, aka The Balloon Lady, and “owner, manager, chief cook and bottle washer” of The Party Package, in Pocahontas, Arkansas, realize, but she has had a definite impact on the twisting community in her three short years of twisting professionally.If you were to view her extensive portfolio at, […]

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Angel Contreras: Drawing and Loving Every Minute of It!

Angel Contreras

Originally posted 10-13-06 in MBD2 Angel Contreras, entertainer and owner of Angel’s Artistic Endeavors, Inc., describes what he does as “going to parties all the time, making fun of people and getting paid for it!” Perhaps best known for his caricatures and his clownicatures specifically (, Contreras has been drawing professionally since 1988, then began […]

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Sheree Brown-Rosner: The Colorful Long Island Balloon Artist

Originally posted 08-14-06 in MBD2 Long Island balloon artist and magician Sheree Brown-Rosner, aka “The Great Wandini”, is colorful — and I mean that in every possible way! On first meeting you will notice her hair, it is purple, blue and yellow, er I mean purple haze, atomic turquoise and virgin snow, as Brown-Rosner points out. […]

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Hats Off to Addi Somekh

Originally posted 06-16-06 in MBD2 Addi Somekh, balloon twister based in Los Angeles, California, is well known for his innovative ballooney ideas. Beginning with his hats, or rather, headdresses, all the way to his balloon bass and his band “Unpopable”—creative, resourceful, and definite risk-taker are adjectives that come quickly to mind. Visit and […]

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Luke Kareklas: Motivation Through Movement

Originally posted 05-10-06 in MBD2 Luke Kareklas, aka Luke the Juggler, combines several skills not only to entertain but to get others moving and motivated. Based in Columbus Ohio, he juggles, performs magic, sculpts balloons and offers a complete Motivation Through Movement  program as an inspirational speaker. By combining advanced juggling skills, insight, upbeat music, an […]

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Debbie Stevens: Living A Wish Come True

Originally posted 4-12-06 in MBD2 Debbie Stevens, balloon twister, says she is living a wish come true. Her company, The Twisted Ones, based in Ontario, Canada, which predominantly entertains at corporate venues, is a real family affair. In addition to the corporate functions and occasional private event, they regularly appear as pregame entertainment at games […]

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Chuck Gruberman: Magician, Retailer & Industry Leader

  Originally posted 03-09-06 in MBD2 Having difficulty in school learning things is what compelled Chuck Gruberman to become a magician. “I could do something no one else could do and it built my self-esteem,” he said. “I was very shy, almost backward, and I was never very good at sports, but once I started […]

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Paul Bachman is Busy


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