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How’s Your Coffee?

What’s a gal gotta do to get a decent cup of coffee anymore?

What I really mean is: How does a gal make a decent cup of coffee?

Recently I got rid of two stainless steel travel cups because the coffee would taste bad in them.

I figured it was the cup gone sour, or the lid or something.
I then purchased a new one. Porceleain.

And I brought a steaming cup of coffee
on the road and took a sip from my new mug and.

Wanted. To. Gag!

To my complete and utter surprise it wasn’t the cups at all.
It was and is MY coffee that tastes so terrible.
How depressing is that?
I can’t cook much as it is, but now I discover my coffee is crappy.
I always thought, Well, at least my coffee is alright.
Now I find I don’t even pass muster with that.
I may as well give guests a tea bag to suck on.

I’m aware of the many cafes, bistros and coffee shops all touting
good java. Varieties to please every possible connoisseur and their
individual palates for flavor, acidity, body, aroma, and, yes, finish.

From exotic blends to expensive brews to growing green to fair trade–
from coffee klatches to coffee breaks to coffee clubs.
So, I’ve been far and wide searching for the way I can make a perfect cup of coffee.

I’ve tried ultra clean pots, super cold and filtered water, freshly ground beans,
prepackaged instants and exotic flavors from all continents including
places I’ve never heard of like Maracaibo. I even added egg shells to the grounds like my Swedish auntie did.

And my quest continues.
Don’t know how long it’ll take or if I’ll ever get there.

How do you make your coffee?

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