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Tracy Weslager: Stationery that is Sincerely Yours


Tracy Weslager

Tracy Weslager

As a youngster, I was raised to send hand written notes. Thinking of You’s — some times. Birthday Cards — greatly encouraged. Thank You’s — always and without question.

I met Tracy while exhibiting at a trade show. Our booths were next to each other and seeing her unique, custom created notes brought a great big smile to my face.

Nowadays, despite living in a virtual age, many of us still love to send, and especially receive!, the hand created note. In the professional arena, I believe now more than ever we can really feel the importance of sending notes to stay in touch.

I hope you enjoy meeting Tracy!

Holly:   What would you call yourself and what you do?

Tracy:   I am an owner of a custom stationery company. We have been in business since 2006 and we love custom creating for our customers.

Holly:  Has your family been able to acclimate to your professional life? 

Tracy:  Having the stationery studio/business in my home, allows me to have a great balance of life between professional and still being a MOM, wife, housekeeper and dog lover. 

Holly:  Tell me about how you managed your time and still followed your passions and professional interests, the “balancing act”! 

I live and breathe my calendar…whatever I have to do for the day/week MUST be written down. I write down EVERYTHING…personal time and business….it allows me to stay focused, disciplined and find time to do what must be done.

Holly:  What are some of the major challenges you face or have faced? 

Tracy:  Always facing the Balance of time between Personal Life and Business

Holly:  Do you ever coach or mentor others? 

Tracy:  I LOVE to network and support other businesses and business owners. I feel we all coach each other with our ideas and conversations we have on a regular basis

Holly:  How do you refresh, recharge and stay motivated?

Tracy:   I have to have ME TIME during my day….just to get out and walk by myself, sit and reflect…whatever it is…I need to stop and just relax for a bit

Sincerely Yours by Tracy

Sincerely Yours by Tracy

Holly:  What inspires you? 

Tracy:  My Faith, my Family and the love of art I see wherever I go

Holly:  What advice might you have to someone starting out in your profession or simply starting out as a self-employed business woman? 

Tracy:  If you want it, you CAN make it happen.

STAY Organized and baby steps. Don’t let FEAR change your mind….you will make mistakes and you will be scared. They are both OK!…Network as much as you can for support and suggestions

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