WAM! Women Around Me!

Women have long been creative problem solvers especially when it comes to how they live their lives. Here are some fabulous women I know that are doing some interesting things. Some you may know, and some you will meet here for the first time. Prepare to be inspired and to learn something new from these amazing Women Around Me!

Your Voice: Fun Ways to Stretch

Your Voice with Kay Meyer

Our voice is one of the first things others notice about us. If we’re raspy or are not projecting properly, we may not make the impression we hope to. Often, we simply need to stretch our voices! Today I spoke with Kay Meyer MA, CCC-SLP, voice and speech trainer and owner of You Are Your Voice, […]

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Dog Training: To Crate or Not to Crate

Dog Training: To Crate or Not to Crate

Putting a dog in a crate can create a variety of emotional responses. However, unless you own a dog, you’ll never really understand the joys (and horrors) of a properly trained canine companion and the work it entails. The dog behavior industry abounds with widely different theories on proper training and it can get difficult figuring things […]

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Tracy Weslager: Stationery that is Sincerely Yours

Tracy Weslager

  As a youngster, I was raised to send hand written notes. Thinking of You’s — some times. Birthday Cards — greatly encouraged. Thank You’s — always and without question. I met Tracy while exhibiting at a trade show. Our booths were next to each other and seeing her unique, custom created notes brought a […]

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Laura Kreassig: Creating Peace Through Massage

Laura Kreassig, Massage Therapist/Stress Management Consultant

Upon first meeting Laura, I noticed her sense of calm and peace. Then I discovered what she does for a living!  After a year of having known her, I learned beneath the serene exterior there reside embers that glow and spark and I’m very happy to introduce you to her here. Holly:   What would you call […]

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April M. Williams: Multifaceted Dynamo!

April M. Williams

Editor’s Note: “Ignite Your Passion Kindle Your Internal Spark V2 (Seek Your Peak to Find Your Spark) was published in January 2014!   Continuous evolution, sharp time management skills and family support have enabled this dynamic woman to balance all the facets of her busy life. I met April at a Toastmasters meeting years ago and from […]

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Julie Adriansen: Serving the Community with Art & Coffee

WAM Julie Adriansen pic

“Changing your entire life seems like it would take just you, but it doesn’t. It takes a team of people who believe that a dream can become a reality. My reality is mine, but it didn’t happen because of me alone.” Holly: What would you call yourself and what you do? Julie: I am an […]

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Sandi Sylver: Finding Her Own Voice(s)!

Sandi Sylver promo shot for Adults Programs

Sandi is as colorful as the lovely flowing silks she wears. Reinvention is nothing new to her and around age 55 (merely ten years ago!) she did it again and began her journey as a ventriloquist whereby she travels the country entertaining children, families and adults with her various programs. Music and telling are in […]

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Kelly Standing: Finding Glimmers of Grace Everywhere She Goes

WAM Kelly Standing book cover

I met Kelly about a year ago as a fellow speaker at National Speaker Association events. On the first meeting with her I was intrigued. Okay, my curiosity was at first piqued because she has survived a number of terrible near death experiences and I was curious and wanted to know more. However, she also […]

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Caryl Derenfeld: Facilitator of Joy!

WAM Caryl Derenfeld

As owner of Learned Conversations, Caryl Derenfeld is someone who encourages others to share their life stories and wisdom by “deepening the roots of communication”. She can also bring out the inner child and playfulness in others, no matter what the age or stage of life, with Laughter Yoga, which is not Hatha yoga positions, […]

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Lori Wheeles: Entertainer, Athlete & Volunteer

WAM Lori Wheeles

Lori Wheeles is one busy lady! Last year she entertained at over 300 events. On a weekly basis she will deal with drooling kids while performing magic then swim with the sharks at the Shedd. She is daring, yet disciplined, a lot of fun and I am pleased as punch to introduce you to her! […]

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