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Write a Note

Nothing says “I’m thinking of you” more than a hand written note.

Simply put, the entire act is filled with the thoughts of someone else, from the selection of your note paper or card, to the writing instrument, to the act itself, to addressing the envelope and mailing it off.

Being raised by a grandmother who was a stickler for always sending someone a Thank You note when I’d been given anything, I’m embarrassed to say I do occasionally forget. She encouraged the creation (and frequent use!) of homemade notes, cards and invitations, and she showed me fun and loving ways to seal an envelope.

For example, if I placed the stamp upside down, she said that meant I loved that person. Or if I wrote: S.W.A.K., that meant Sealed With A Kiss.

Nowadays there are all kinds of possibilities from one-of-a-kind handmade art pieces (well, practically!) to the mass produced print shop variety. In fact, things have also gone 3-D, so a standard envelope may no longer work for mailing, but typically the correct envelope style or box is included. I do like the teeny weeny pinatas! Okay, so maybe that’s not quite stationery…

To this day I am a pen-and-stationery nerd and would be out of my mind if I were ever able to attend the National Stationery Show in NYC!

Happy writing!


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