Stretch! said the Balloon Lady

Out of Sorts

I’m coming down with something and I’m feeling out of sorts. If my Mom was around, her go-to heal everything home remedy is chicken soup with lots of green onion, ginger, cayenne, sesame seed oil and, of course, garlicGARLICgarlic.

I have a Jewish friend and a Polish friend and they both have their own versions of chicken soup, as well. All delish, I might add!

If I feel a rumbly in the tumbly that’s not hunger (as Pooh would have preferred it), then I stick to bland, i.e. plain rice or saltines. And if I’m just feeling the urge to re-group by taking it easy, i.e. lay around with no real obligations or commitments, then I may choose squash soup, or salty crunchy tidbits, or nuts n dates.

Writing this makes me a bit hungry for a morsel or two. What are your go-to home remedies if you’re feeling under the weather?

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